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The QUIZ to know where to propose marriage in Barcelona

To take advantage of your trip to Barcelona to ask your partner to marry you is the best idea that could ever have gone through your head. There are charming places, countryside of dreams, a climate that makes it difficult for the day to be ruined and excellent cuisine that will make asking for a hand in marriage something you will remember for the rest of your life.

In Barcelona, there are so many magical spots where you can ask for marriage it would be difficult to choose one alone. However, in order to take the decision correctly you only have to follow this QUIZ.

Depending on your likes and your idea of the perfect proposal, you will find the place in Barcelona best adapted to you. Let’s go!

When you were small you loved…
a) Theme parks
b) Music
c) Fairy tales
d) Beach holidays

What you like most about your partner is…
a) Their adventurous spirit and energy
b) Their romanticism and how they care for you
c) Their imagination and sense of humour
d) Their elegance and knowing how to be themselves

Which is your favourite plan for going out to eat or dine?
a) Going for a picnic
b) To eat with views of the city
c) To try new places
d) To go to the best restaurants in the city

How much would you like to spend to propose to your partner?
a) Not much money
b) 0 euros
c) The same as any other day
d) Money is not a problem

Do you prefer to be alone or accompanied?
a) To have our own small space is enough
b) It doesn’t matter to be surrounded by people
c) We prefer to be hidden and not have too many people around
d) Alone

What do you like most about Barcelona?
a) The views
b) The spectacular buildings
c) The hidden corners
d) The beaches

What genre of films do you like most?
a) Comedy
b) Action
c) Sci-fi
d) Romantic

What is your ideal wedding?
a) Rural
b) Classic
c) Themed
d) On the beach

Mainly A


In the hills of the Collserola one finds Tibidabo, a site surrounded by natural spaces that includes a very special theme park. On top of the mountain there is a Ferris wheel that allows you to see all of Barcelona as you’ve never seen it before. When you are at the top, that is when to take out the ring.

Mainly B

Magic Fountain of Montjuïc

When it gets dark, the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc lights up to the rhythm of music for 30 minutes that will leave anyone enchanted. Take advantage of when this spectacle finishes to propose to your partner – it will be a shock and a mix of emotions you will never forget. You can consult the timetables of the illumination of the Magic Fountain here.

Mainly C

Bosc de les fades (Forest of the fairies)

In Passatge de la Bance, 7, very close to las Ramblas, there is hidden away a small bar decorated as if it were a forest with nymphs, pixies and other fantastic creatures. Barcelona locals themselves have named it one of the most romantic places in the city.

Mainly D

Hotel W Barcelona (Hotel Vela)

The Hotel W, that you can see from any part of the beach or beachside walk, is one of the most luxurious hotels in Barcelona. A service that lacks nothing, gourmet restaurants, incredible sea views and cinema rooms create the perfect atmosphere to propose marriage.