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The gay neighborhood in Barcelona: Full Guide

Barcelona and Madrid are the Spanish cities which act as a point of reference in the gay world. Indeed, far from example of the Spanish capital in which one can find the full range of gay leisure activities concentrated in the Chueca neighbourhood, Barcelona has zones spread out across the city.

Although it is true that Gayxample has many of the bars and clubs where one may go out to party, one can also find famous places in Paralell, Raval or in the Poble Espanyol



Gayxample Barcelona: the most emblematic gay neighbourhood

On the maps of Barcelona a neighbourhood named Gayxample doesn’t exist. Rather, it is an invisible part of the Eixample district in which many gay establishments are concentrated. It is situated between the streets of Balmes and Calàbria, Gran Via and Provenca, although it has expanded to a number of nearby places.

If you come to Barcelona with desires to enjoy the nightlife of Barcelona, this area is full of well known clubs such as those of the Arena group, which have since the 1980s formed part of the gay life of the city. During the day you can also stop off in restaurants and bars which surround the neighbourhood, one of the prettiest in the city for the beauty of its buildings.

To be gay in Barcelona: Tolerance & Respect

Spain was the fourth country in the world to legalise same sex marriage in 2005. With that, we want to say that to be gay in Spain and more exactly in Barcelona, is no scandal.

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, multicultural and with a climate of tolerance and respect to the LGBTI community. Furthermore, it has the second highest amount of gay tourism in the world, after Amsterdam.

In Barcelona you can enjoy international celebration such as gay pride or the circuit festival, events that fill the streets of the city with party, music, happiness and the best gay atmosphere.



Sitges: The Paradise of gay tourism

If there is a place even more gay friendly than Barcelona, that is Sitges. The Catalan town is found barely half an hour from the city of Barcelona and for many years has been seen as the homosexual mecca in Spain.

Diversity, respect and tolerance are the characteristics that define Sitges, that contains a huge variety of establishments, restaurants, celebrations and even beaches dedicated to the gay community. Furthermore, Sitges is very famous for its carnivals, that take place every year in the month of February.



Gay beach in Barcelona

The gay vibes in Barcelona not only flow through the streets of the city but also out on to the beaches. The Mar Bella beach is well known as being the gay beach of the city, as well as having a nudist zone.

If you come to Barcelona in summer we recommend you walk frequently on the beach and that you take a dip in the water of the Mediterranean in order to flee the heat. Also you can choose a plan even more fun and try out paddle surf, kayaking or even jet skis along the Barcelona coast.


You also can’t miss out on visiting the Costa Brava if you visit in summer. The Mediterranean coast has some incredible scenery to show you, such as small coves of fine sand and crystal-clear water to swim in. In this private tour you can find some of the most iconic corners in the Costa Brava, such as Cadaqués, where one can find the museum/house of the genius Salvador Dalí.

As we have already said, Barcelona is a city where tolerance is abound, as well as respect for the LGBTI community. Enjoy each area and each corner of the city and discover what it has to offer.