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About Us

Our dream, inspiring people

World Experience

We are WE, an experience agency born from a deep-rooted passion for discovery. We began our journey in Barcelona, and since then, we have extended our horizons to Madrid and Lisbon. This spirit of expansion and adventure has allowed us to establish ourselves as a prominent name in tourism across southern Europe.

Our goal is to reinvent the concept of travel. We envision a future where every journey is an opportunity to discover, learn, enjoy, and ultimately connect.   And in every story, there is an element of humanity, a spark of connection, that transforms a simple visit into a profound and lasting experience.

Because at WE, we believe that tourism is much more than seeing a new place. It’s about living it, feeling it, understanding it. And that is what we aim to offer each of our travelers: unique, memorable, and transformative experiences.

Our dream, inspiring people

The World is changing, so is the way we live and the way we travel. However, many things remain the same in the tourism industry. World Experience views tourism from a different perspective. We don’t reject the best practices of the past but we want to adapt to the new realities of travel and lead the way in matching what we offer to the specific needs and wishes of our guests.

We believe that the essence of travel has passed from consumption to experience. We are no longer mere observers. We want to be part of it, and create our own stories. Tourism is undergoing a transformation. Value is no longer measured by the opulence of accommodation, but by the richness of experiences that can be lived and shared. Authenticity, connection, experience: that’s what defines a destination today.

Our purpose is to to design innovative leisure and travel experiences for those who seek more than a simple journey. We emerge for those travelers who understand that traveling is much more than reaching a destination; it’s a voyage of self-discovery and connection with cultures and people.


Our values


Our goal is to inspire and enrich the lives of people who seek experiences, with the promise of delivering something as valuable as life itself: the desire to live it.


We are an agency specialized in creating and marketing tourist, corporate and leisure experiences for those who want to live unique, memorable and transformative moments.


We like the origen of things – we like to be original, genuine and true to our purpose.


We are passionate about life, our culture, our city, our people and sharing happy moments with those who count on us to explore them.


We believe that success lives outside our comfort zones, and that’s why we challenge ourselves everyday to transform the ordinary into extraordinary.


We strongly believe that everything is possible. There are no boundaries when a good team works together and united towards the same goals.


We believe our life is a sum of experiences. The life-changing ones can enrich and transform us as human-beings and that’s what makes our journey worthwhile


Embracing sustainability: where unforgettable journeys meet a lasting commitment to our planet’s well-being