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Responsable tourism

We are committed to:

  • Work for continuous improvement in all areas of socio-cultural sustainability, economic and environmental.
  • Compliance with current legal regulations referring to the sector to which it belongs, in particular, all that refers to preserving and promoting decent work, gender equity and otherwise discrimination.
  • Respect for the collective agreement of the workers, and the non-existence of any reason or instance of disassociation thereof, as well as the non-existence of Sanctions from the Labor and Social Security Inspection, or firm sentences for breaches of the sectoral agreement of reference to the entity’s main activity, or by reasons for discrimination in the representation of workers or their rights of information, or for complaints related to the illegal assignment of workers (linked to outsourcing processes) during the last year.
  • In the case that opts for the outsourcing of part of the company’s activity, the compliance with the conditions of salary and working hours set by the employment agreement itself of the main activity.
  • The promotion of the recruitment of workers with disabilities as indicated by law or either through third-party companies and organizations that support vulnerable groups. In the case of companies with more than 50 workers, compliance with the provisions of the Law is demonstrated of Inclusion of people with disabilities in the organization.
  • Attention to the recommendations and observations of the health surveillance reports, taking actions to adapt jobs or relocate workers a the effect of promoting work areas that respect occupational health and safety.
  • Respect for the confidentiality and security of data, agents involved and information shared, using it only to achieve the objectives of joining the Commitment for the Tourism Sustainability Regions of Barcelona Biosphere.
  • The entity undertakes to supply the resources and equipment for the implementation of the plan of contingency where security measures are established in the face of COVID 19 or any other another pandemic.