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Public Holidays in Barcelona 【CALENDAR 2019】

The final days of December are coming, perhaps the most looked forward to days of the year for many people. January of 2019 is truly close and with it the need to organise next year´s holidays in Catalonia. For that reason, it is important to know which are the public holidays in Barcelona.

Once you have decided that you want to come to Barcelona to spend a few days and enjoy the city to the max, it is vital to know which is the best time to do so. Good organisation and time management can really make a difference to your holidays.

Official festivals and holidays in Barcelona in 2019

In the upcoming year we have a total of 14 local holidays, well distributed across the calendar. This allows you to get to know the city in the best possible way.

If you are really interested in the popular festivals and street parties of Barcelona, take a look at the calendar that we want to share with you.

Official calendar of holidays (Spain) for 2019

In this post, we explain to you the most important and recognised holidays in the city. For more information and to have a better idea of the established holidays we encourage you to download our personalised calendar.


· 1 of January – New Year | Tuesday

This holiday is perfect for recovering from the previous evening. Many of the clubs, restaurants and public spaces celebrate the new year giving 100%.

What one does on this day is eat with the family, even if, one has to say, with less intensity than the new year´s eve dinner.

· 19 of April – Good Friday | Friday

This begins Easter week in Barcelona, normally the favourite days of the strongest believers. These days give true emphasis to culture and to art.

Nobody is excluded, not even athiests. You can find an infinite amount of alternate plans, such as enjoying the theatre, concerts, festivals, flea markets. Do you really want to miss out?

· 22 of April – Easter Monday | Monday
With Easter Monday, 4 public holidays come together, perfect for having the necessary time for getting to know Catalan culture.

At WeBarcelona we like to recommend to our clients that they take advantage to get to know Catalan cuisine with our definitive gourmet tour. Get to know the city with our guided tours.

· 1 of May – Labour Day | Wednesday

This is the international day of workers, also known as the 1st of May.

You will probably find some places closed but don’t worry. This won’t stop you getting to know Barcelona. We will show you various free plans to help you get to know the essence of the city on your holidays.

· 10 of June – Pentecost | Monday
This holiday is known as Pentecost or second Easter. It also takes place on a Monday, 50 days after Easter Sunday, so the exact date does vary between years.

· 24 of June – St John | Monday
This is also the summer solstice, the shortest night of the year. One of the favourite holidays of the very young, perfect for enjoying on the beach.

This festival brings with it a popular dessert, la coca de San Juan. You can find this dessert in almost all of the bakeries of the city. Have you tried it before?

15 of August Ascension Day | Thursday

Another day very well known in Barcelona given it begins the famous festivals of the neighbourhood of Gracia .

Prepare for the best plans in the best environment. You will have a week to get to know one of the most popular festivals enjoyed as much by locals as by tourists.

· 24 of September – The Mercy | Tuesday
Another of the most celebrated festivals in Barcelona, the Festivals of the Mercy

You can find in any corner of the city all types of events including the fair, which is often located near to Barceloneta beach.

· 1 of November – All Saints | Friday
Year after year the Festival de Halloween grows more popular. The Anglo-Saxon custom serves as an excuse to enjoy Barcelona´s nightlife.

· 25 of December – Christmas | Wednesday
Christmas in Barcelona has a long list of traditions that it is always worth getting to know in person. The Caga tió, the Caganer, cannelloni, the day of the innocents, the lentils of the new year…