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Is it normal to leave a tip in Barcelona

Is there some sort of custom which dictates whether it is obligatory to leave tips in Barcelona? How much does one leave for a taxi drive at the end of a journey? Which percentage of the price of a dinner should be left for the attending waiter?

If these questions are bothering you, here at WeBarcelona we want to help.

Don´t overcomplicate things, for good or for bad, there is no guidebook for defining social behaviours in Barcelona, such as whether to tip or not for any service or product.

If you have thought about organising holidays in Barcelona, the most common thing you’ll find is that your change is always returns as is , without removing not a single euro or cent.

Although we must admit that as time passes tips are becoming more common, you´ll never feel pressured to leave them.

As we will see there is no lawthat controls this type of circumstance, each establishment has the liberty to decide how to handle tips (or not to!).

How much does one tip in restaurants?

Once you have finished eating and you are ready to leave the restaurant, ask for the bill. When they leave you bill, giving exact change, if you consider it necessary you can leave between 2 and 5 euros for the person that served you.

Regardless, unlike other countries, in Spain no part of the bill is discounted to pay the waiter or waitress that has served you.

The total amount of money that you leave is based on the service received, as you consider appropriate. But we insist, it is not obligatory.

Despite this, in the establishments of higher standing in Barcelona it is more common to find the custom of tipping.

On the other hand, more and more restaurants, bars and cocktail bars are obliging waiting staff to leave the entirety of any tips received in a pot which is then split equally between all the workers at the end of the day.

Is it normal to tip in hotels?

Exactly the same as in restaurants. Nowadays it is becoming more and more common to tip staff that have helped you out in hotels, but more often in luxury hotels.

The person that carries your suitcases to you room, the cleaner who cleans when you are out enjoying the city, the person that brings up your room service, anyone who carries out a task for your benefit.

If you are happy with the service, it is a good way to show it

Don´t worry if for some reason you can’t or don’t want to leave a tip. Nobody will be angry or incredulous if you leave nothing.

Services are almost always included in the price, and if not, the establishment and staff will make sure that you are aware.

Do you tip taxi drivers in Spain?

Just like in the previous cases it is not compulsory. Above all, now that we have mobile taxi apps through which you can pay for your full journey.

In the same way that brick and mortar establishments allow you to pay via card, you can also do so in taxis.

Nevertheless, it is possible that you´re lucky enough to have a driver who makes you journey more pleasant or interesting.

How? Giving some recommendations about the area or your stay in the city, taking you via a shortcut or helping you with your bags. In these cases, it is common to give a tip of a few euros.

In any case, remember that your tip will be well received!