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11 Photos of Barcelona that not even Gaudi could have imagined

A triple somersault with the Sagrada Familia in the background, games of perspective and hypnotic exterior staircases are some of the stand out, spectacular images of Barcelona.

Not only is the Catalan capital a world leading tourist destination, but it is also the perfect place to build a spectacular photo album. We give you 11 images that have left us stunned.

Jumping over the Sagrada Familia

Imitating the spectacular images of the Olympic Games of 1992 in Barcelona, this instagrammer captures a trampoline jump with views of the Sagrada Familia. An incredible photograph that leaves us with a sensation of vertigo in the body.

An infinite staircase in Park Güell

We are used to seeing some of the most beautiful parts of the city in the Instagram account of Barcelonacitizen. In this case, it is an artistic photo of a stairway in Park Güell on a sunny day. The magic of Antonio Gaudí is sufficient to conquer us with this image.

Hypnotic staircases of Sant Pau

And like a giant snail, we give you the staircase of one of the buildings that forms the hospital of Santa Cruz and Sant Pau. It was built by one of the leading architects in Catalan modernism, the architect Lluis Domènech i Montaner.

Rain of colours of the magic fountain

There are times when an incredible perspective is not necessary for the perfect photo. To be in the opportune moment in the right place is always a gift of gold for making images like this. A rain of colours during the spectacle of the magic fountain of Montjuic.

Rosy sunsets from on high

The park of Tibidado is one of the highest points in Barcelona, from which one can take incredible photos of Barcelona with little effort. In this one can see the theme park, the city and sea in the background. The light of the sunset makes this image even more beautiful.

Marine forms in the Casa Batlló

The marine forms that inspired the Casa Battló designed by Antonio Gaudí is something that one can see and feel when visiting this modernist building. An image full of light thanks to visit barcelona.

A walk through the heights of the Gothic Neighbourhood

In the gallery of images of Nicanor Garcia we can find endless games of symmetry amongst different buildings of Barcelona. There is not a single corner of Barcelona that does not pass through the filter of the camera in this photograph, which taken up in the heights of the Gothic Quarter.

A Gaudí Postcard

The same account gives us this spectacular photo of the Sagrada Familia. Without doubt, a postcard to make you fall in love with the beautiful architecture of Barcelona.

Beauty even in the post office

Even the post office is beautiful in the Catalan capital. This image is more proof that we have to let go and discover beauty in places that we never really believed could be works of art.

Lit up by the Agbar Tower

Those passionate about photography are capable of going to any extreme to get the best photo of their life. The lights of the city at night are the stars of this image of the Agbar Tower.

Symmetry in front of sea in Barceloneta

As if it were simply a pile of houses, here one can see the neighbourhood and the beach of Barceloneta from up high. The symmetry of the streets and avenues of Barcelona has also been one of the most popular things to photograph for tourists and professionals.