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Laser Tag Barcelona: A different kind of team building

How about a laser tag session in Barcelona to bring your coworkers together?
Team building activities in Barcelona are increasingly varied. Outdoor activities, cookery classes, group tours, workshops… there’s something for everyone!


One activity that is gaining in popularity is laser tag, or laser combat. The more adventurous among you will already be excited just reading the name, but what is it exactly? And what can it bring to a group of coworkers?. Probably it’s a better experience than playing paintball in barcelona.

What is laser tag?

Laser tag, or laser combat, is a combat-simulation game played by two or more teams using infrared shooters. The basic objective is to shoot these infrared rays at the light receivers on the enemy. You can create additional objectives, such as to ‘destroy’ a rival base. The team that has the most points by the end of the game wins.
Laser tag is played in an enclosed, dark space (so that the laser rays can be seen) with many walls and other hiding places. To avoid injury, running and jumping are not allowed.

Unlike paintball, which is played outside over a large area, in laser tag if you are shot you are only out of play for a few seconds, during which time you must hide in order not to be ‘got’ again. This makes it a fast paced, exciting game.

The benefits of a laser game in Barcelona for your company.

Laser tag is a great team building activity for employees who work side by side every day. The biggest upside is the teamwork it fosters. In order to avoid being overwhelmed by the enemy and to reach your goal, you have to be organised, come up with tactics together, and rescue each other if needed.


These activities create a bond of trust that is reflected in daily working life, as well as improving decision making skills and camaraderie. We recommend reading this article to find out about more team building games and sports.

Laser tag with WE Barcelona

Holding your team building activity, such as laser tag, in Barcelona gives it that special touch! Before and after the activity you can enjoy visiting an incredible city that boasts fantastic food and wine and a pleasant climate.
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