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Team Building in Barcelona: TOP 5 proposals

Barcelona is a city that offers the possibility of making plans and company activities at the sea, on the mountain, in exclusive sites and in the heart of the city. Taking into account that this wide range of possibilities may fit in all of the tastes, we propose five very different teambuilding options to enjoy a motivation day as a team in Barcelona.

1. Themed meals with the company

. The first option that we propose is the most classic and the least risky. If one thing is world-recognized is Spanish gastronomy, and this is the reason why organizing a meal with your work team is always a success. If you want to risk a little more, we suggest that you pull on the red carpet and organize a dinner of stars with photocall, live music, and a more personalized decoration. Your partners will hallucinate and remember this event for a long time.


2. Cooking Workshop

. If you like gastronomy and have a desire to learn, having a good time and experiencing, the option of a cooking workshop is ideal. Learning how to make sushi, a workshop with the original recipe of the Cuban mojitos or a paella are some of the options offered in Barcelona. This type of teambuilding activity is ideal, being able to participate in competitions and become your favourite cook of the television reality Masterchef. Learn, compete and tasting is guaranteed with this option.


3. Motivational talks

If what you are looking for is a breath of fresh air and professional advice in order to boost the spirits again in your work environment, the best thing you can do is enlist the help of a professional. Many were the speakers that help to focus on the problems from a different perspective with motivational talks. With this type of teambuilding activity, you work on aspects such as trust, the self-confidence and assertiveness.


4. Sports team building activities

For young teams and rogues, sports are always a success. Barcelona offers the opportunity to do from races sailingbeach sports, like volleyball games or racing kayak, till go by quad-biking through the woods of Collserola or do bungee jumping. Sports are attractive and, being teambuilding activities that are practiced in the open air, they foster a climate which is not achieved in the office. If you choose this option you will hear talking for a long time what the team champion was.

5. Team building games

. Be the first to find the treasure is a motivation that unites. The stresses of everyday life will be forgotten and new links will be made to win this test. Organizing role-playing games, escaping from a maze, or taking tests by touring Barcelona is an option that any person is moved to the summer camps to childhood. The organization and the good working environment are two key elements to make this type of team building to be a success.

We have presented five different themes of Teambuilding that are currently offered in Barcelona. If you still have doubts and you are not at all convinced of the results that may have to organise some of these activities in your company, we recommend you to read the benefits of the teambuilding.

Don’t miss the opportunity and improve your company’s performance by surprising your teammates!