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How to drink wine like an authentic pro

Savouring a good wine is one of life’s great pleasures. This well-known drink can be the perfect accompaniment to a date, a meet-up with friends or a family celebration. Every event is made a little better if it comes with a bottle of wine.

If you are also a fan of everything surrounding the world of wine, you will also know that there are certain ‘social norms’ to which you have to pay full attention. Drinking wine like a pro has its merits, and so that you feel like the king of wines, we give the following useful pieces of advice.

How to hold a wine glass

Right after opening a bottle of wine we face the first challenge.

What is the correct way to hold a wine glass?

The error that almost all mortals make is to take the wine glass by the cup – this is an error which will only lead to the wine heating up and the glass getting dirty.

To drink like a professional, you have to hold the glass from the stem or the base of the glass, although it appears a bit posh in the beginning, experts always hold the glass in this way.

How to know if a wine is good

  • The moment will come when you have to act like someone with a comprehensive understanding of the world of wine and show all your sommelier skills to the rest of the world.
    According to the best experts, wine is tasted with three senses, taste, smell and vision. And thanks to the sensations that each one of these senses gives us, we will know if the wine is worthwhile or not.
  • – Focus on the color of the wine. Although at the beginning, it’ll just look like wine, you have to focus on the small nuances in the colour. If you are having a white wine, it should have a pale yellow colour, whilst if you have a red it will have a subdued red colour, like the colour of a tile
  • – Smell the wine. Open your nostrils and close your eyes. Sense the smells that the wine glass brings and the difference between fruits and flowers. If the smell is pleasant, it will surely be a good wine.
  • – Taste the wine. The step we’ve all been waiting for. When it comes time to taste the wine, don’t swig from the cup (even if you want to). Take a small sip to appreciate whether it is strong, soft or light.

And if you want to reach a higher level of professionalism, you can move the cup making a small circle, sniff and then taste it again.

How to learn to enjoy wine (red and white)

Of course, we know that it is complicated to begin in the world of wine without any prior knowledge. The most recommended way is that you let yourself be guided by the professionals in a tour of any well-known winery, such as those of the catalan Penedes region where you can enjoy cava of the highest quality.

And one final piece of advice that we think will interest you. Experts in wine will always tell you that to know how to appreciate a good wine it is important to drink many different glasses to know how to differentiate them.

So now you know. Cheers!