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Discover all: Processions, Holy Week and Barcelona

Do you have plans for the month of April? Are you thinking of doing something different with your family or friends? At WeBarcelona we are inviting you to enjoy days of processions, the Holy Week and Barcelona.

Although it may surprise many, Barcelona is not a city that experiences the same intensity during Holy Week as Seville or León for example, although this does not prohibit you from getting to know it in all its glory.

The people from Barcelona themselves are used to making the most of these days by going on little escapes. For this reason, if you are thinking of visiting Catalonia on these dates, make sure you make the the right decision.

The city will welcome you with open arms, full of cultural plans and entertainment, suitable for all tastes and ages.


All you need to know about Holy Week in Barcelona

This year, the favourite holiday of all Christians falls during the middle of April, more specifically between the 14th and the 21st. It starts off with Palm Sunday and ends with Easter Sunday.

  • 14th April: Palm Sunday
  • 15th April: Holy Monday
  • 16th April: Holy Tuesday
  • 17th April: Holy Wednesday
  • 18th April: Maundy Thursday
  • 19th April: Good Friday
  • 20th April: Holy Saturday
  • 21st April: Easter Sunday

Of all the days, those with the most repercussions on the liturgical calendar are Palm Sunday (Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem), Good Friday (the day of his death) and finally, Easter Sunday (his resurrection day).

If you are not too devoted in the field of religion, you can look for Ash Wednesday and the Feast of Corpus Christi on the calendar. These two days are celebrated on 6th March and 20th June respectively, so prepare yourself for a couple of rest days.

Which are the best processions in Holy Week?

During these days, the cultural options that the city offers can bring out passion in all tourists.

Although, as we mentioned at the start of the post, Barcelona is not a city famed for its religious celebrations, it’s important to mention the most popular processions.

  • The Blessing of the Palm | Palm Sunday
  • Procession of Silence in Badalona | Maundy Thursday
  • Nuestra Señora de las Angustias | Good Friday
  • Nuestro Padre Jesús del Gran Poder | Good Friday
  • The Burreta Procession | Easter Sunday

Discover Catalan culture through its processions! Discover its symbolic streets and finish a morning of cultural walks with a gourmet tour.

One tradition which is increasingly gathering strength is known as ”la Mona de pascua” and it is celebrated on Easter Monday -22nd April-. This custom dictates that every godmother and godfather must give their goddaughter or godson ‘la Mona Pascua’. We are talking about a typical sweet with a name meaning “gift”.

If you like the idea of discovering Barcelona’s culture in more detail, we have an option you’re going to like. For this, you will need to leave the city, and go on to Girona. Verges is a small village that, on the night of Maundy Thursday, celebrates the ”Procession and Dance of Death”.

This curious tradition originates from a book by Brother Antonio de San Jerónimo in the year 1773. It refers to the intense wave of deaths caused by the black plague and represents the passage of men towards death.

It draws your attention, don’t you think?

Don’t hesitate, Barcelona is waiting for you. Enjoy Holy Week with us. We’re waiting for you!