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5 incredible spots to watch the sunset in Barcelona

Watching the sunset in Barcelona is always a compulsory activity for those that want to have a relaxing moment at the end of the day. It does not matter if you have come to the city on holiday or whether you are living here, either temporarily or permanently.

At WeBarcelona we always recommend to our clients that they leave an hour to be able to get to where they want to watch the sunset and find a good spot. Not everywhere is as easy to access.

Keep in the mind that the most probable scenario is that you will have to walk a little to be able to arrive at certain viewpoint. Of course, this will allow you to enjoy the countryside in its maximum splendour.

Where to see the best sunset in Barcelona?

We begin the Top 5 with the best places to stop a few minutes and enjoy the essence of Barcelona.

1· On the beach and the Paseo Maritimo

One of points most undervalued given the ease of access and the fact that we almost take it for granted. We’re talking about the beach. Barcelona often gifts us beautiful sunsets coloured in pink and orange tones. Do you know what we’re talking about?

Our favourites are always the Somorrostro beach, truly near to the Hotel W. It is characterised by the Paseo Maritimo, the seaside board walk that accompanies it.

It doesn´t matter if it is summer or winter, it is still worth it. We’re sure about that.

2· Montjuïc Castle

The first thing is that you have to plan is how you’re going to get to Montjuïc. One can you have looked at all the options, prepare to choose the best one for you.

At WeBarcelona we like to recommend the following route. From Plaza Espanya, it is one of the first stops of the 150 bus, that will leave you right next to the funicular station. Leaving from there you only have to walk up. In around 15 minutes of climb you can arrive to the first viewpoint.

If you have liked these views, prepare yourself for what is to come. There are still two more stops!

Continue walking and you will arrive at the castle. This point is the favourite of many given the wide variety of options that it presents. Once you have arrived you will find two very different views: the mountains and the sea.

Which is your favourite?

When you are ready to leave Montjuïc you will have the possibility of using the Cable Car, that will give you a more complete vision of Barcelona and of the port when the night has already begun. Once you are down, all that is left is to enjoy the Catalan night.

3· Carmel Bunkers

Here you will find the Turó de la Rovira viewpoint, located at the old anti-aerial battery in Barcelona.

Do you want to create an unforgettable memory of your time here? It is one of the perfect places to make yourself the best selfies in Barcelona.

Don´t forget to wear warm clothes if you are going in Autumn or Winter, it is a place that is quite exposed to the elements.

In order to get there, you have many options. If you are leaving from the Arc de Triumph you have the bus line V19, that will leave you only 10 minutes on foot from the viewpoint. Nevertheless, the best option is to carefully check your route before hand, so as to avoid possible confusion.

4· Park Güell

This is another one of the key locations to get to know Barcelona best. In 2013 it began to charge for entering the historic centre of the park, which is recommended only for getting to know in first person the park in all of its glory.

At WeBarcelona you will be able to enjoy a guided tour by experts that will tell you all the secrets of the best art works of the city. With the Gaudí Tour you will be able to take in the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell.

5· Tibidabo

Last but not least, Tibidado. Here you can find the highest place in Barcelona, where you will find the best place to have the best panoramic view of the city and enjoy the sunset.

If you have thought to spend a whole day at the theme park, try to hold on until sunset. A lot of the people decide to ride the Ferris Wheel and improve on this spectacular view.

¿What time is the sunset?

Of our recommendations, are there any you have already visited? Which is your favourite?

If you have chosen the next place from which you will appreciate the Barcelona sunset, all that remains is to determine what time is the sunset over the city.

So here we will share with you the approximate hour of the sunset in 2019 in Barcelona the whole year round.