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Top 5 things to do in summer with your family

Are you thinking about travelling to Barcelona with your family?

It is a fantastic idea – Barcelona is a city with a huge variety of opportunities to have an incredible experience with those that you love.

Whether it´s taking a dip in the sea, going for a horse ride around Montserrat or visiting a picturesque theme park located in the highest point in Barcelona, they´re all great things to do.

And so if you´re coming to Barcelona, make sure you buy a family photo album, because you´ll fill it up this summer.

And so begins the top 5!


Barcelona’s beaches

Without doubt, one of the best summer plans is to enjoy a day of sun and beach with your family, and Barcelona is one of the best places to do so.

You don’t have to leave the city to get to the sea. In less than half an hour you can feel the sand under your feet.

Choose between any of the best beaches in Barcelona and take a dip in the Mediterranean sea.


Tibidado Theme Park

At the highest part of Barcelona you’ll find Tibidado theme park, so called because the mountain on which it stands has the same name.

It is Europe’s third oldest theme park and you can still find rides from a past age, like the Talaia ride or the ferris wheel.

What is more, the view from the theme park have a lot to offer, they’re actually some of the best in Barcelona.

It is a magic place for both the youngest and the oldest to enjoy.


Visit Montserrat

If you´re travelling to Barcelona and you’re going to stay a few days, you can’t miss Montserrat, barely an hour from the city. It is an area defined by a rocky mountain in which you´ll find one of the most distinctive locations in Catalonia.

Hundreds of years old, and even to this day inhabited by more than 150 monks.

We offer a tour on horseback to enjoy in first person the surrounding countryside.

Even the youngest can enjoy an original route through the countryside and the older folk can admire the 12th century architecture.


Barcelona Aquarium

One of the best places that any family can enjoy is the Barcelona Aquarium.

Very close to the port and the MareMagnum shopping centre, if the Aquarium isn’t to your taste you can even just browse the shops for an afternoon.

The Aquarium has more than 11,000 different species, including sharks, rays and penguins, and much more.

One of the things that will surprise you the most is the Oceanrio, where you’ll find a tunnel underneath every kind of fish, so that you feel like just another sea creature.

Source: aquariumbcn.com

See the countryside from high up

And is there anything better than a voyage in hot air balloon?

If you want your family to be amazed, you need this experience.

Discover the natural volcanic park of la Garrotxa in the most fun and original way possible, from high up.

It’s is located near Girona, two hours in car from Barcelona and you of the most stunning places you can visit during your trip.