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Spectacular Christmas Markets in Barcelona

Mercados Navideños Barcelona

Are you looking for something special? Something that beats the normal Christmas markets. There are numerous markets spread out across Barcelona in which you’re bound to find the perfect present, make a Christmas impulse buy or maybe just stroll around browsing the stalls.

Christmas markets in Barcelona

The Christmas markets in Catalonia are well known and help get us into the Christmas spirit: spruces, nativity scenes, ‘caganer’ figurines, lights, wreaths and other festive items from the most magical time of the year.

Christmas market next to the Sagrada Familia

Since 1962, a Christmas market has been held around the Sagrada Familia, and is well known for being one of the most traditional markets in town. The plaza fills with many stalls divided into 4 sections: nativity scenes and traditional figurines, Christmas trees, food and artisan products, jewellery and clothes.

We’d now like to present one of the typical figurines you may find in a nativity scene in this market: the ‘caganer’. This figurine is placed behind a bush as it is in a defecating position. It’s also worth having a stroll up and down the stalls and sampling some of the street food here.

Santa Lucía Christmas market

One of the best Christmas markets in Europe is Santa Lucía here in Barcelona, which is famous for being the oldest in Barcelona, having started in 1786. It is located in front of Barcelona cathedral and boasts some 300 stalls, with Christmas carols ringing out to add to the festive atmosphere.

One of the most famous products is the ‘Tió de Nadal‘ (Christmas Log), a log with a face painted onto it which the children must look after until Christmas Eve when it poos out presents! At this time of year, you can find great presents to take home with you, so don’t think twice about visiting this market.

Christmas market on the Gran Vía

This market, between Carrer Comte d’Urgell and Calabria, has it all, whether its figurines from Bethlehem, toys, jewellery or chocolate, you can find an endless array of festive items here. What makes this market different from the rest is that it has famous ‘Churrerías‘ (Churro stalls), which represent the true spirit of Christmas for many.

Market for responsible consumption and social and solidarity-based economy

This is one of the more recent markets held in Plaza de Catalunya, where the environment is prioritised and promoted, and responsible consumption is practised. Pay it a visit and you will find several different items like books, antiques, artisan figures, rugs, Christmas decorations, paintings and much more.

The true message that this type of market is trying to convey is that you can buy and consume in a sustainable and responsible way at Christmas time.

Christmas Market Barcelona

Other things to do in Barcelona

There are plenty of other things to do aside from seeing the Barcelona 2019 Christmas markets, so at World Experience, we’ll tell you about a very special tour.

E-bike tour with priority entry to the Sagrada Familia

We’re offering the chance to hop on an e-bike to see the city centre’s most symbolic monuments and after, visit the Sagrada Familia to see its beautiful interior without having to queue. Find out more about the tour by clicking here.

Earth, sea and air tour

We’re offering this tour for you to see Barcelona from different perspectives. First of all, you will stroll through the old town, the Gothic quarter the Jewish quarter and the centre. Following this is a mini boat trip and you will finish by seeing Barceloneta and the Olympic Port from the skies.

Visiting one of Barcelona’s Christmas markets at this time of the year will make you fall in love with the city. Find out for yourself!