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What to see in Barcelona on a rainy day

Are you looking for places and activities in Barcelona that you can´t miss on a rainy day?

A typical tourist question upon arriving in Barcelona and seeing that it is raining is – now what do we do?

The answer is simple. Barcelona has a special charm, something you can only appreciate after arriving in the Ciudad Condal. And that innate magic is something that not even rain or hail across the city can change.


If you are thinking of travelling to Barcelona, even if for only 3 days, and you see the clouds darkening, this article will help you have a great holiday without even a drop of water splashing your clothes.

There are things that you can´t not do just because of the weather. Barcelona offers dozens of places for tourists to visit, and many of them you can visit indoors, in order to appreciate the architecture and avoid the rain.


The Sagrada Family: a family day out when it rains

You can´t leave Barcelona without visiting the Sagrada Familia at least once. The architectural jewel of Gaudi has been a perpetually unfinished part of the Barcelona skyline for more than 100 years. It is one of the best plans if you travel as a family and if you want to see one of the most important monuments in Barcelona.


Its symbolism and design make it totally unique in the world, and if you want to see it from a totally different perspective we recommend our Gaudi Emotions 360 tour, in which you can see the building from on high in a helicopter.

If you are more the sort to want solid ground under your shoes, you can buy your tickets in person upon arriving at the Sagrada Familia, even if you´re guaranteed a long wait!


Visit La Pedrera and the Casa Batlló: Interiors of Gaudi

They are two of the most famous buildings in Barcelona, found on Paseo de Gracia barely meters from one another. Both were built by Antoni Gaudí and have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


Their facades are two of their most characteristic elements and differentiate them from other places. Whilst their wave-like forms of one will remind you of the sea, the other is distinguished by its colour and textures.

Visiting these buildings is unmissable to get to know better the history of Barcelona and feel its art. Discover their modernist interiors and be surprised by the magical world of Gaudi.


The best market in Barcelona: La Boquería

Another plan that we propose so that you can enjoy a full day despite the bad weather is to spend a day at la Boquería market. This 19th century market forms part of Barcelona´s history, and is currently one of the places most visited by tourists. It is an ideal plan either for a visit with children or as a couple.


The market is made up of different stalls providing food and beverages selling goods from Spanish ham to the most delicious fish and seafood. Furthermore, you can also learn to cook one of Spain´s most famous dishes, Paella.

On this tour, a chef will show you which ingredients to use to make this dish and how to do it. Once cooked you can try it accompanied by a good local wine. A perfect plan to enjoy yourself to full and live life like a local.


Flamenco Show

If there is one thing every visitor to Spain wants to see, it is a live Flamenco show. It is another one of the things that you can do if the weather does not turn out well for your trip – you will be protected by a roof and you will enjoy an unforgettable evening.

Flamenco forms part of the DNA of the country and in Barcelona you can see some of the best dances and shows. Additionally, if you want to add a night of tapas in the city´s most emblematic neighbourhood, our tour of Flamenco, Born and Tapas is the best option. Absorb the artistic and culinary traditions of the city and leave with a great taste in your mouth.


Museums: Barcelona on a rainy day

An alternative that can be a life-saver is to spend a rainy day inside a museum. Barcelona is a cosmopolitan and multicultural city that is full of artistic options, so that you can choose whichever is best for you. From the art of the Spanish genius Salvador Dalí, to the most modern of art in the Museum of Barcelona Contemporary Art (MACBA).