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Mural of the Kiss. Barcelona and its hidden treasures

Have you ever seen the mural of the kiss in Barcelona? In this post we want to present to you a striking work of art by the artist Joan Fontcuberta, whose inauguration took place at the beginning of summer 2014.

The reason? The Tricentenary of the fall of Barcelona in 1714.

If you still don´t know it, don´t worry. We are speaking about one of the most secret parts of Barcelona, so hidden that not even all locals are aware of this work of art.

One of the things that makes this part of the city so charismatic are its surroundings. A small corner of the Gothic quarter that holds a few bars and some trees. The calmness and that characteristic essence make the photo-mosaic stand out even more.


All you need to know about the Wall of the Kiss in Barcelona

The mural is made up of 4000 mosaics selected from 6000 in total. If you are asking yourself where all these images came from, the answer will probably surprise you. Each and every one of them were sent by the residents of Barcelona themselves.

The only thing that Fontcuberta asked of the Catalan residents was that they share simply ´a moment of freedom´.

If you had been able and willing to participate, would you have sent something?

The arrangement of all of these images give the form of the mural, which is larger than 30 square metres, 3.8 metres of height by 8 of length give it very broad dimensions.

As well as the photomosaic, you can appreciate a small plaque that briefly explains its story, together with a very appropriate quote from Oliver Wendell Holmes. Take a look, we love it

“The sound of a kiss is not as deafening as that of a common, but its echo lasts a lot longer.”

The mural of the Kiss of Barcelona, how to get there?

Once you have read this , at WeBarcelona we are sure that this mural will have grabbed your attention.

If you still haven´t seen it in person, now it has become the next place on your must see list in the city. In case you visited it some time ago, maybe you want to come back to pay special attention to the details.

Now… Where can you find it?

Easy! Right in the heart of the Gothic quarter you can pass by the iconic Plaza Isidre Nonell. A perfect point to fit into any walk you choose to take through the old Town.

When you turn up to visit the Cathedral of Barcelona, in the Plaza de la Seu, we invite you to see in person the mural of the kiss. In only 2 minutes on foot you can enjoy it in first person.

Don´t forget to take a photo alongside it. What better option than to continue the tradition that inspired the mural? Only remember, make sure you capture a true moment of freedom to stay loyal to the initial motives.