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7 places to eat oysters in Barcelona [2019]

Comer ostras en Barcelona

Going out to eat oysters in Barcelona, accompanied by a good glass of wine or cava is becoming more and more popular thanks to the amazing bars that have opened in the city in the last few years.

In neighbouring France, eating this shellfish is a long-lasting tradition, so many of the oyster bars you’ll find in Barcelona are run by French owners. Those who have never tried oysters before, as well as those who have, will have no problem finding the ideal place to satisfy their taste buds.

Below, we propose a list of 7 places to eat the best oysters in Barcelona and we suggest other gastronomic offers to check out around the city during your stay.

The best places to buy and eat oysters in Barcelona


This was one of the first oyster bars in Barcelona, back in 2005. You’ll find oysters from different sources with different garnishes, from marinated to Ceviche.

Carrer Mañé i Flaquer, 8

Fishhh to go

This place is ideal for buying takeaway oysters, marinated salmon, caviar and other types of seafood. The bar is very small and only has a few seats. It’s inspired by the Oyster Union House in Boston, the first oyster bar in the US.

Carrer de Modolell, 2

BOB oyster BCN

BOB, which stands for Barra de Ostras en Barcelona (Oyster Bar in Barcelona), collects the best oysters from French regions like Normandy and Marennes-Oleron. You can also find tinned food, pickled seafood, fish eggs, salted products and local artisan cheese, both to eat in, or takeaway.

Carrer París, 190

Dónde comer ostras en Barcelona

La Puntual

The oysters from La Puntual are of French origin but are farmed on the Ebro delta in southern Catalonia, in order to achieve high-quality taste, texture and tones. They are always served raw and, as it is a winery, they are paired with the best wines.

Carrer de Montcada, 22

Joël’s oyster bar

In the famous Mercado de la Boqueria market, you’ll find this oyster bar along with fresh seafood, raw fish and caviar. Some of the forms you’ll find them in are ‘Au natural’, with Ponzu sauce, marinated or with cucumber and green apples.

Plaça de Sant Josep, 13

Espai Kru

If you like your oysters ‘Au natural’ in a modern bar, then Espai Kru is for you. The Iglesias brothers have opened this bar, often known as the ‘Seafood restaurant of the twenty-first century‘, which only serves oysters, seafood and fish of the highest quality.

Carrer de Lleida, 7

Bares de ostras en Barcelona

Barra Alta

In upper Diagonal this restaurant, in which oysters are the star dish, has become very popular. They serve them ‘au natural’, with mushroom Dashi and a broth of roast vegetables, Ceviche or as a cocktail of the day.

Carrer Laforja, 11

Premium gastronomy tours in Barcelona

Finally, we recommend 3 interesting gastronomical experiences in Barcelona for you to try during your stay:

Traditional cooking in Barcelona in a small-sized group. This is a cooking class taught by a professional chef in a 15th century venue in the heart of Born. It’s great for learning about local cuisine and making friends.

Market route with cooking workshop. Along with a professional, you will journey through some of Barcelona’s most symbolic markets including the Boqueria, in search of typical ingredients found in the city’s local dishes.

Paella workshop with lunch. Learn how to cook one of Spain’s most famous dishes, as well as all the tricks for the perfect paella. Includes lunch with 3 traditional plates, one of which is paella.