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5 Barcelona instagramers that you should follow

Instagram gives you the opportunity to get to know a city without even having been there, continue admiring it when you’ve already left or discover places you should visit when you’re there. Barcelona is a perfect city to take photographs of all kinds and many instagramers know how to take advantage of perfection.

If you are a lover of Barcelona and its corners like us, you can not miss the following Instagram accounts. In fact, when our guides do the tours around Barcelona, ​​they love to show those charming little corners that few people know.


Get to know the walls of Barcelona with emili_bt

Emili Balsera is a historian who loves graffiti and in Barcelona there are authentic works of art. Before 2006, the city was a world reference in urban art but the current fines cause that the artists have to ask permission to paint or they do it in a clandestine way. If they do not want to be painted, they must earn respect (or clemency) with drawings that leave their mouths open.


The colors of Barcelona, ​​highlighted by barcelonacitizen


has the ability to highlight the colors of the city of Barcelona so that it still looks prettier than it is. Make high-quality photos both indoors and outdoors and through filters and retouching makes them Instagram posts that could be postcards.

Admiring the doors of Barcelona with doors_of_barcelona

Many tourists are impressed by the number of beautiful old doors in Barcelona. The  doors_of_barcelona account is specialized in photographing them to make it easier for you to admire them all. It is fascinating how many details there can be in a single door.


Barcelonadesapareguda, an amazing leap in time

Another Instagram account that has no waste is Barcelonadesapareguda. There you will find many old photographs of Barcelona that will help you get an idea of ​​what the city was like a few years ago. It is very entertaining to compare them with what is currently available. Its creator, Giacomo Alessandro, died in 2016 and since then no new photos have been published, although it is a perfect account to keep as if it were an album.


Discover where to eat in Barcelona with barcelonafoodexperience

We could not finish our list of Barcelona instagramers without recommending a foodie profile that shared the best dishes of the city.

Barcelonafoodexperience is one of those accounts with which you drool while discovering charming bars and restaurants that you did not know. Barcelona is one of the best places in Europe to eat and you can appreciate it with just a few pictures.