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Madrid’s typical sweets for you to try and take away

Visiting Madrid for the first time and got a sweet tooth? Madrid’s typical sweets are waiting to put your palate to the test. Below, we go over some of the options that will leave the best taste in your mouth during your time in the capital.

Chocolate with churros

This is one of Spain’s most typical sweet dishes, but one of Madrid’s more than anywhere else. In this city you can enjoy recently made churros and combine them with a cup of chocolate, so delicious that it’s recommended to have for breakfast or a snack.

It won’t be difficult to find several ‘chocolaterías’ that have been serving locals and natives for centuries, all down to their hard work. One of them, San Ginés, is a classic example of a ‘chocolatería’, that you can’t miss out on if you want to feel like a true Madrileño. Don’t miss the Sweet Lovers in Madrid tour which includes a visit to this magical place.

Dulces típicos de Madrid

Madrid’s typical biscuits

One of Madrid’s typical attractions for visitors are its barquillo (thin wafer biscuit) sellers. Kitted out in their traditional clothes with their red roulette wheel, eating one of Madrid’s typical delicacies is always a unique experience.

Other traditional Spanish sweets to indulge yourself in are ‘bartolillos’ (sweet pastry), ‘turrón’ (nougat-based confectionary), ‘torrijas’ (sweet toast) or ‘huesos de santo’ (marzipan-based with a sweet filling). In Madrid there are several typical confectionaries, and depending on the timing of your visit, you’ll be able to take away something sweet from any patisserie such as the ‘coronas de la virgen de la Almudena’ (around 9 November) or chocolate sardines (during carnival).

Our advice is to try them all so that you can choose your favourite (it won’t be easy!)

Galletas típicas de Madrid

Madrid’s cultural offerings

The city has plenty of cultural offerings, encouraging you to cover the whole city during your visit. When it’s time for a snack, you need to stop off in strategic places such as the San Miguel market. This gastronomical area has become Madrid’s most authentic part, famous the world over.

So that you don’t miss out, how about attending a gourmet cooking class with a view over the market? And after you could enjoy a paella accompanied by a fresh glass of sangria. You can now do all of this through this tour of Madrid’s markets.

You won’t regret enjoying typical food and select company that could help you make new friends who, like you, are interested in local cuisine.

Tour de mercados en Madrid

A suggestion for every day

Are you someone who likes to get around by bike? Then how would you like to tour the city on this environmentally friendly method of transport? You will be able to see the city’s most interesting sites in a day, stop to try some of its best tapas, snack on something sweet and get ready for dinner. You’ll finish your day on a terrace with the best views of the city. Our eBike tour is an option designed to surprise.

The magical city

Madrid changes as the hours go by. Each part of the day has its own defined personality and will help you discover the city’s best-kept secrets. What’s more, depending on which area you’re in, you will find different shades of light, which will help you see that the city has great places to experiment with the senses.

Don’t miss out on anything! Book onto one of our tours. And before you leave, make sure you stop by a patisserie and ask for a box of Madrid’s typical confectioneries to take as a memory of what you got up to in one of Europe’s biggest cities, that always leaves you wanting more.