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Experience Spain’s culture through its cuisine

Cocinar paella en Barcelona

Do you think that discovering a country’s cuisine is the best way to experience its culture? We certainly do. We enjoy holidays through all five of our senses, and many of the most satisfying experiences come through taste.

By travelling to Spain, you’ll find one of the most varied cuisines in the world. For many, Spain has the best food in the world as it enjoys a healthy diet with endless exciting flavours.

By observing the quality of its fish, meat, fruit and vegetables, you can sense Spain’s culinary diversity: a country where local, quality produce it really appreciated.

If you travel to Barcelona and/or Madrid, there are so many dishes to try. At World Experience we offer you the chance to discover Spanish cuisine at first hand through tours that are very different to what you may be used to. We explain more below!

Discover Spanish cuisine in Barcelona

Paella workshop with a professional chef

Paella Barcelona

Paella is one of Spain’s most famous dishes. We give you the chance to learn how to cook it with a professional chef, picking the freshest ingredients, the right kind of rice and discovering all the secrets to the perfect paella.

And after, of course, you’ll get to taste the seafood paella that we have cooked, along with other traditional dishes like gazpacho, patatas bravas and crema catalana.

Wine and Cava tasting session in a one hundred-year-old winery

Vino Barcelona

Wine is another of Spain’s treasures. On this tour we will travel from Barcelona to some vineyards situated in Alella, a town with its own designation of origin. There, we will visit 2 old wineries, and an expert oenologist will teach us how to appreciate each wine in all its details.

The experience includes an incredible trip through the countryside in a 4×4 convertible and a wine, Cava and tapas tasting session.

Visit Montserrat with food in a Catalan farmhouse

Montserrat Barcelona

Have you heard of Montserrat? It is a mountain range near Barcelona, formed of eroded stacks, or ‘needles’, that are unique in the world. If you have more than two days to visit the city, we recommend dedicating a day to visit this area.

On our tour we will go up the mountain on the cable car, visit the Monastery of Montserrat, founded in the 10th century and we will eat in a typical Catalan farmhouse with fantastic views of the region’s flora and fauna.

Discover Spanish gastronomy in Madrid

Tapas dinner with Flamenco show

Flamenco show with tapas Barcelona

The Flamenco has been a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2010. It is the ultimate expression of Spanish folklore and is popular around the world today thanks partly to the singer Rosalía.

We are offering a walking tour of Madrid’s ‘most Flamenco’ district with a professional guide who will explain the history and secrets behind this art. After the tour, we give you the chance to learn the dance with a teacher. Whether you are a good dancer or not, you’ll have a great time. And to finish, you’ll enjoy an intimate Flamenco show that will put your emotions to the test.

Chocolate with churros for breakfast

Churros Madrid

Sweets also have their role to play in Spanish gastronomy. In Madrid, it is a custom to eat chocolate with churros. Churros are fried, stretched out pieces of dough, with a crusty exterior and soft interior.

If you sign up to our tour, we will visit the Chocolatería de San Ginés, Madrid’s most popular chocolatería. We will also sample some nougat, accompanied by Madroño liquor, and we will try typical doughnuts from the city.