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Eating good, cheap Paella in Barcelona (yes, it’s possible!)

Paella buena y barata en Barcelona

Paella is the most famous Spanish dish in the world. Although it originates in Valencia, you’ll find it in specialist paella restaurants along the whole of the Mediterranean coastline. Eating paella is an essential part of any trip to Spain.

The traditional recipe has rice and chicken as its main ingredients, but Barcelona has given it its own special stamp, and it’s common to find paella with seafood instead of meat here. Eating paella has become one of the 40 things you must see and try in Barcelona!

Furthermore, in Barcelona and its surroundings you will find variations of paella enjoyed by Catalans, such as ‘arroz negro’ (black rice with squid ink), ‘arroz caldoso’ (rice in its own broth) or ‘Fideuà’ (similar to paella but with noodles instead of rice).

Below, we recommend some of the best restaurants for paella in Barcelona, and we will even show you a few fun cooking classes to learn how to make your own paella.

Comer paella en Barcelona

Paella in Barcelona: Bar Rodrigo

Bar Rodrigo is found in the heart of the Born district, a place with delicious, cheap paella and traditional tapas to pick at. Inside is a very welcoming environment, with walls, arches and columns made of brick and stone.

Carrer Argenteria, 67

Paella in Barcelona: Arrocería Elche

This is a restaurant specialising in rice and seafood products, what better combination can there be? Dating back to 1959, this is one of the oldest and most traditional Valencian ‘arrocerías’ (rice specialists) in Barcelona.

Carrer Vilà i Vilà, 71

Paella in Barcelona: Restaurante GAUDIM

If you don’t mind spending a little more money to enjoy one of the best paellas in Barcelona, we recommend Restaurante GAUDIM. A local bar specialising in Spanish cuisine with paella as its star dish. The lobster paella is particularly popular.

Carrer Aragó 231

Paella cooking workshops in Barcelona

Aprender a cocinar paella

Would you like to learn how to cook paella for yourself? Would you like to share a fun experience with other travellers? Want to find out all the secrets of Spanish cuisine?

Then you’re bound to want to participate in the workshops with professional chefs that we run here at World Experience. We’ll tell you about two:

A paella cooking workshop with lunch included. You’ll learn all there is to know about selecting fresh ingredients, the rice and how to cook it all. It includes a meal with 3 typical Catalan dishes.

A tour of Barcelona’s markets with a cooking workshop and lunch. On top of the workshop and the food, this includes a fantastic tour around some of the city’s best-known markets, including La Boqueria. Ideal for buying the fresh ingredients to put in the paella.