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Where does Beyoncé dinner when she goes to Barcelona?

As soon as she appears on stage in one of stunning dresses, the atmosphere changes. It is something that Beyoncé gives off, it forms part of her essence and that which makes her so special and unique.

The energy of the pop and r & b diva heats things up and her fame never fails to make her appear larger than life.

Tour after tour, concert after concert, the pop diva leaves her mark on every city in which she performs. Barcelona is one city fortunate enough that year after year Beyoncé gets up on stage here and for many years it has been her only stop in Spain.

The Ciudad Condal seems to be an unmissable destination for Queen Bey when she plans her European tours, including one ending her world tour – The Formation World Tour – in the Olympic Stadium of Montjuic.

Maybe for that reason it is common to see her in Barcelona’s best restaurant, where she eats everything from pizza to Japanese-Brazilian sushi.

Ikibana Restaurant

Ikibana restaurant in Sarrià is one of the places where Beyoncé has been seen to dine with her dancers and her entourage. This place offers a menu based in the fusión of Japanese and Brazilian cuisine with a rich mix of flavours, ingredients and textures that the Texan singer has fallen in love with.

The restaurant has a branch in Sarrià, in the Born and in Paralell, so if you want to try some of the dishes the won Bey over, especially their vegetarian sushi, don’t hesitate to book in one of these places.

Gusto Restaurant

Like any mortal, Beyonce also can not resist a good Italian restaurant. After one visit to Barcelona, Gusto Restaurant had the luck of receiving her as a guest. Run by two Italian brothers since 2006, it is characterized by its menu of traditional neapolitan dishes, amongst which the pizza and risotto are especially good.

The owners were so taken aback that they immortalized their moment with Beyoncé with photos that you can find both on their webpage and in the restaurants themselves.

Windsor Restaurant

She also tried the famous Catalan gastronomy in one of her visits to Barcelona. The Windsor restaurant was given the responsibility of offering a menu to her and her husband which emphasized local gastronomy and ingredients. Right in the middle of Barcelona, the restaurant gave up one of their main rooms for the visit of the couple and their small daughter.

Of Barcelona tourism

The great pop diva has also been seen walking around Barcelona, in the company of her husband Jay-Z, their children and an army of bodyguards and escorts. Just like any other tourist, Beyoncé has visited the great architectural jewels of GaudíLa Sagrada Familia and Park Güell.

There are photos of Beyoncé on the staircase of the salamanders in Park Güell, from which she was able to contemplate the incredible views of all Barcelona. If you want to feel like Beyoncé, you can carry out our tour of the Sagrada Familia, Park Güell, Casa Batlló and the Pedrera.

Thanks to an expert guide you will get to know all the secrets and stories behind these famous buildings and admire the beauty of Barcelona’s architecture.