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The most beautiful hiking routes around Montserrat

Senderismo en Montserrat

Have you ever seen mountains like Montserrat’s mountains anywhere else in the world? This area of natural beauty situated 30 km from Barcelona is ideal for hiking trails and spending a truly unique day out.

After seeing all the important features of Montserrat, like the Moreneta (virgin) and the sanctuary, you can lace up your walking boots and head off on one of the trails we recommend below.

Hiking and trekking routes around Montserrat

Montserrat circular route

The Montserrat circular route goes from the sanctuary to the summit of the Sant Jeroni peak. As soon as you get off the funicular, take the path on the right, signposted “Sant Jeroni”. Follow the yellow signs and you can’t go wrong.

Along the path, which is about 7 km long, you’ll find the needles known as Momia, Elefant and Prenyada. You’ll also come across the Mirador de la Serra de los Paparres, with some spectacular views where you can even stop for a picnic if it’s not too hot. When you get to Sant Jeroni, you’ll see that there are some stairs leading up to the summit.

To go back, just retrace your steps to the start of the paved walk you were on before. From there, it’s best to take the diversion through the trees towards Pla dels Ocells and, later, towards the monastery.

Rutas de trekking en Montserat

Route from the monastery to Santa Cueva

This is one of Montserrat’s most popular trails, and you can do it in just over an hour. It’s said that the virgin was seen in the Santa Cueva hillside cave, which is why many believers make the pilgrimage there more than once a year.

You must take the paved path you will see when you get off the funicular de la Santa Cueva. Continue on Camino del Rosario, where you will see the San Pablo needle. Once you get to Santa Cueva, to go back simply follow the same route you came on.

Ruta senderismo en Montserrat

Route from the Monastery to the Degotalls

This hiking route will bring you through the walls of La Trinidad (Trinity), which rise about 200 metres over the path. Known for its vegetation and tranquillity, many people choose this route as a chance to meditate.

To begin, follow the road towards Monistrol and in front of the Mirador dels Apòstols building, take the path on the left that runs parallel to the road. After about 25 minutes you’ll find the Degotalls. On your way back, pay attention to the monuments of artists along the route.

Excursión en Montserrat

Trekking tour in Montserrat

Finally, we recommend a tour in a small-sized group around Montserrat with us. It includes transport, the monastery visit, an excursion and food on a family farm.

If you want to experience a fun adventure, whilst getting to know the mysteries of Montserrat and walking round the natural park, our tour is perfect for you. One of our kind guides will accompany you from the cable car to a farmhouse where we will eat with a backdrop of incredible views. We will of course visit La Moreneta in the monastery and go on a short walk around the natural area.

An unforgettable day in the Barcelona countryside!