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Festivals in Barcelona: The music invades June


The month of June in Barcelona comes charged of open air festivals and good music, with interesting proposals for all kind of public. If you want to attend any of the festivals that take place in Barcelona in June, discover our tailor made tours.

Festivals in Barcelona in June

  • Primavera Sound (1-4 of June). The month starts to the best with one of the most interesting proposals, where artists by the independent scene are mixed up with well-known artists, covering whatever musical style or genre, in search for quality with a special focus on pop, rock and the most underground tendencies of dance and electronic music.


  • Pedralbes Garden Festival (11-30 of June). This festival runs along the month of June and July offering a wide variety of music through concerts of several musical styles with interesting proposals of the national and international scenario.


  • Sónar (16-18 of June). The International Festival of Advanced Music, Creativity and Technology is renowned as one of the most important proposals of the present panorama of electronic music that embraces the most well-known artists as well as emerging talents in the several fields of music and audio-visual productions.


  • Loveland (17 & 18 of June). On the same time of the Sonar, Loveland gets off for the first time in Spain with two proposals: a showcase by the Drumcode seal and a party dedicated to live music.


  • Good Night Barcelona (11 of June). Keeping in mind the philosophy of a festival outside of the crowd and with a “green” spirit, this year Good Night Barcelona comes with a daylight timetable with the will to invite to dance to all participants.


  • Embassa’t (9-12 of June). Although this is not celebrated in Barcelona city, it is a good proposal to discover the last contributions to the independent scene by Catalan, Spanish and international bands.