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Horse riding in Barcelona and its surroundings: the best rides

Riding a horse in Barcelona can be an unforgettable experience. At World Experience we want to show you beautiful, hidden places through the unique activity of horse riding.

So, if the Catalan capital is your destination, you can’t miss out on riding a horse through Barcelona and its surroundings which offer the best views outside the city, like the landscapes of the Montserrat massif.

Riding a horse in the vicinity of Barcelona is an experience that will stick with you for life. We are in charge of organising the trips from Barcelona so that all you have to worry about it is getting the most out of the tour.

Horse riding in Montserrat, near Barcelona

Riding a horse around the Montserrat mountain is a highly recommended experience. This small group tour of Montserrat, with views of the Monastery, is perfect for a whole morning’s activity.

You will be accompanied by a tourist guide who will explain all the interesting facts and history surrounding the area. As well as a horseback route around the area’s beautiful landscape, the excursion includes a visit to the Benedictine monastery.

This unique way of getting to know Barcelona’s surrounding areas is perfect if you like nature. Amongst other reasons, the accompanying tourist guide will also be able to explain all you need to know about the area’s flora and fauna.

Finally, the tour includes the descent in the Montserrat cable car. From the cable car you’ll have incredible views of the area. The complete package costs €89 per person.

Private horse-riding tour of Montserrat

Although these horseback trails are located in the area of the Montserrat mountain and take up to half a day (about 5 and a half hours in total),
at World Experience, we also offer you the possibility of a private riding tour of Montserrat. With this option, only you and your friends will get to experience the tour.

From your arrival at the mountain, the person accompanying you will explain the area’s curious rock formations.

Upon arrival at the Montserrat massif, you’ll visit the monastery founded in the 10th century, where today, 150 monks still reside. From there you will be able to observe the area’s stupendous landscape. These spectacular geological views will be complemented by the cable car descent.

One of the best things about this trip is that you can get to know not only the centre of Barcelona, but its surroundings too. Plus, being so close to a horse will bring you closer to nature. The person accompanying you will not only explain facts about the area but will also offer basic knowledge on horse riding precautions and practices. This will give you a better understanding of your horse.

Riding a horse in Barcelona is a great experience, suitable for the whole family. We have vast professional experience when it comes to showing tourists popular areas. For example, a hot-air balloon trip to see Segovia, highly recommended if you want to link your trip to Barcelona with a few days in Madrid.

When riding around Montserrat, you’ll be just 30 kilometres from the Catalan capital. Therefore, you won’t waste much time travelling, which is also included in our prices. You can’t miss out on this adventure!