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7 Escape rooms adapted for English speakers in Barcelona

Escape rooms are one of the most popular alternative activities to emerge in recent years. An escape room is great for team building and ideal for spending an alternative afternoon with friends, your partner or even work colleagues in Barcelona. It’s a fun activity which requires you to solve mysteries and follow clues, with endless scenarios and themes to choose from.

In this article we’ll talk about escape rooms for English speakers that we have in Barcelona, specially adapted for tourists who don’t speak Spanish.

List of escape rooms for English speakers in Barcelona

Take note of these, we guarantee you’ll enjoy them.

City Escape

Why escape from a room when you can escape from a city? World Experience(https://events.worldexperience.com/experience/city-escape/) brings you the chance to see the city whilst solving puzzles and following clues where ever you go. From Born to Montjuic, passing through the most famous places such as La Boquería market.

Alien: the origin

This escape room is one of Barcelona’s best, receiving a number of nominations and prizes in the year 2018. It’s a game for between 4 and 8 players, set in space with aliens, perfect if this theme is up your street. The games are in English and Spanish.

Room of Riddles

If you want to do escape room tourism in this city, Room of Riddles is the perfect place to be. It offers fun rooms and activities and is perfect for people of all ages and nationalities.
The “Art Collector’s” room is about Sr. Fabiolo, an art dealer who has died. Your job is to explore his studio to discover his last wish. “The Harbour Master” is a room full of mystery, challenges and history and won’t disappoint.

Unreal Room Escape

Located in Hospitalet, this escape room offers “The mine” and “Narcos” rooms, both of which are thrilling settings, adapted for people of all ages. Also available in English, they’re ideal for groups of 2 to 7 people.


Lock-clock has three interesting escape room scenarios: “Mission Gaudí”, in which Antonio Gaudí’s workshop is up in flames and you have to save the plans for the Sagrada Familia; “Aztec Treasure”, in which a pirate ship full of Aztec treasure is sinking, and finally, “After Party”, a fun room in which you wake up in a flat the morning after a crazy party.

Maximum Escape

Maximum Escape is one of the best escape rooms in Barcelona as you can choose among an infinite number of rooms and themes. For example, there’s a room based on Sherlock Holmes, another based on Harry Potter (Prisoners of Alkaban), one based on gangsters, one called Ulysees Spaceship, and many more. All rooms require the utmost concentration so that you feel part of the game for the whole hour and that you have nothing else on your mind.

60′ Escape

60’ Escape has a room in which a secret organisation has started to brainwash people in our country. However, an agent has managed to infiltrate and take it apart from the inside. Your mission is to gather the clues left by the agent in the hideout of the organisation, known as WD.

Going to an escape room for English speakers is the perfect opportunity to have a great time with friends or with a company looking to work on team building in Barcelona.

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