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La Rioja

Central spain

La Rioja Wines

Delightful flavors of the center of spain

La Rioja is a region in northern Spain that is known worldwide for its wine production. The history of winemaking in La Rioja dates back to ancient times, with evidence of wine production dating back to the Roman Empire. However, it was not until the Middle Ages that wine production began to flourish in the region, with the influence of the monasteries.

Visiting the wineries – One of the best ways to discover the so famous wines of La Rioja is to visit the wineries. There are more than 600 wineries in the region, each with its own unique story and wine-making techniques. You can take a tour of the winery, learn about the wine-making process, and taste the different varieties of wines. 

Wine tastings – Many wineries in La Rioja offer wine tastings, where you can sample a variety of wines and learn about the different grape varieties and wine-making techniques. You can also attend a wine tasting course, where you will learn how to taste wine like a professional.

Wine festivals – La Rioja is home to many wine festivals throughout the year, where you can taste different wines and experience the local culture. Some of the most popular wine festivals in La Rioja include the “Batalla del Vino” (Wine Battle) in Haro, and “San Mateo festival” in Logroño.



Wine museums – There are several wine museums in La Rioja that offer an interactive and educational experience. You can learn about the history of wine-making in the region, see wine-related artifacts, and taste different varieties of wines. 

Wine and food pairing – La Rioja is known for its excellent food, and many wineries offer wine and food pairing experiences. You can taste the wines along with local delicacies such as cheese, cured meats, and seafood.

Wine routes – La Rioja has several wine routes that take you through the most famous wineries in the region. You can explore the vineyards,  learn about the wine-making process, and taste the different varieties of wines along the way. 

Winemaking Master Class – Invite your clients to a winemaking master class at a local winery. They will learn about the entire winemaking process, from grape harvesting to bottling. They might even have the opportunity to participate in some stage of the winemaking process.

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