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Barcelona Private Tours

Gourmet Cava & Brunch Experience

  • Enjoy a beautiful landscape surrounded by vineyards in a delicious gourmet brunch.
  • Taste the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients in this gourmet brunch crafted by culinary experts.
  • Discover how long-aged cavas perfectly complement the food and enhance the dining experience, and learn about the versatility and digestive properties of this exquisite wine.

1 Pax - 820 €

2 Pax - 820 €

3 Pax - 900 €

4 Pax - 960 €

5 Pax - 1025 €

6+ Pax - 1140 €

Duration: 4,5h

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Can you imagine discovering a beautiful landscape, surrounded by vineyards, with the aroma of fresh wine in the air? And then enjoying a delicious gourmet brunch, made with fresh and local ingredients, and paired with premium aged cavas? This gourmet brunch is full of culinary delights made with carefully selected fresh, local ingredients to o”er you unique and authentic flavors.

Additionally, you can discover how our long-aged cavas perfectly complement the food and how cava is a versatile and digestive wine. After visiting the vineyards, winery, and cellar, you will have a complete understanding of wine production and will be able to appreciate the flavors of this gourmet brunch even more.


  • Professional bilingual guide.
  • Private transport.
  • Wine Tasting.
  • Gourmet Brunch.
  • Guided visit to a local family vineyard.

Aditional Info

  • Duration: 4,5h

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